Raised Salt Painting

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Learning Framework?

  • Physical
  • Intellectual
  • Emotional
  • Social

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  • Physical - Fine motor skills, hand eye coordination, wrist and arm control. twisting, swirling
  • Intellectual - Creativity, Be curious, Imagination, Spatial Awareness, Communication, Self awareness
  • Emotional - Increased self-confidence, be comfortable and happy with themselves, be able to relate to others, appreciation, communicate feelings and experiences
  • Social - Willing to share and take turns with others, be able to listen and speak with understanding, to develop a love for the arts

Play. Learn. Create. Explore
Skill Level
Suitable for
5-6 years old
Estimated time
> 30 mins

What You Will Need

  • White glue
  • Thick black drawing papers
  • Cooking salt
  • Paintbrushes
  • Liquid color paint

Step 1


Gather the materials

Step 2


Lay paper on the table and pour white glue onto the page with a design in mind.

Step 3


Pour salt over the glue and ensure that all glue spots has salt.

Step 4


Shake the excess salt off and leave to dry.

Step 5


Paint the salt spot! You will notice that the color will spread and run through the salt.

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Ask the Kids

What is your favourite non-traditional painting material? What are some of your children╩╝s favorite frugal art projects using materials around the house?

Did you know?

Sensory learners like to learn facts and tend to be patient with details and are good at memorizing facts!

Imaginative play is essential to cognitive development, but it is getting endangered by our busy lives - Lev Vygotsky

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