Freezing and Melting

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Learning Framework?

  • Physical
  • Intellectual
  • Emotional
  • Social

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  • Physical - Grip Control
  • Intellectual - Comparing, Observing, Predicting, Estimation
  • Emotional - Engagement
  • Social - Sharing with family and friends

A fun, simple and pretty experiment that lets you learn about the freezing and melting properties of water.
Skill Level
Suitable for
5-6 years old
Estimated time
> 30 mins

What You Will Need

  • Rubber or plastic gloves
  • Water
  • Rubber bands
  • Trinkets and other tiny objects
  • Big tray

Step 1


Gather the materials.

Step 2


Fill a glove with water. Tell your child that they will have to tie off the glove and ask them to estimate the right water level.

Step 3


Add sequins and trinkets into the glove and tie it off with a rubber band or, if possible, a knot.

Step 4


Place the glove in the freezer. Before that, let your child to observe the glove and predict what will happen once it is frozen.

Step 5


After it is frozen, let your child touch the glove and identify the differences between before and after it was placed in the freezer. Introduce to them the word “freeze” and explain the concept to them.

Step 6


Place the frozen glove in a void deck or in any outdoor space and allow your child to observe what happens. Introduce to them the word “melting” and explain the concept to them.

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Ask the Kids

What will happen to the water in the glove once it’s placed inside the refrigerator?

What makes the water inside the glove melt?

If you like, share what your kids answered in the comments below