Button X’mas Tree

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Learning Framework?

  • Physical
  • Intellectual
  • Emotional
  • Social

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  • Physical - Threading, eye hand co ordination.
  • Intellectual - Comparing, arranging from big to small, exploring culture.
  • Emotional - Appreciation.
  • Social - Family bonding.

Create an adorable mini Christmas tree ornament to spice up your Christmas tree.
Skill Level
Suitable for
5-6 years old
Estimated time
< 15 mins

What You Will Need

  • Green buttons of different sizes
  • Brown buttons
  • Star-shaped beads
  • String
  • Scissors

Step 1


Gather the materials.

Step 2


Sort the green buttons according to their different sizes. Include the star-shaped bead and brown buttons on either end.

Step 3


Cut a piece of string depending on the desired length of the tree.

Step 4


Create the trunk by stringing the brown buttons. Slot the two ends of the string into the holes diagonally opposite each other. Adjust the length of the
trunk by altering the number of buttons. Create the tree by stringing the green buttons in a similar fashion. Start from the biggest and end with the smallest.

Step 5


Lastly, string in the star-shaped bead and tie a knot. Tie another knot with the ends of the string to form a loop. Hang the ornament on a Christmas tree.

Ask the Kids

How many adorable mini Christmas tree ornament designs can you come up with?

If you like, share what your kids answered in the comments below